Football, cricket and err…cricket.

1. Sorry love, stick to shopping or commentating on dressage or something. You sound terrible and ruined the entire game. The match actually became better once I put it on mute. ‘Nuff said.

 2. At least England gave value for money, at least Pakistan have a captain now who can field and at least my team Australia are going to do everyone’s baistee. ;-)  

 3. Brian Lara, we’ll miss you. A fitting tribute here.

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8 thoughts on “Football, cricket and err…cricket.

  1. Haha! I was born politically incorrect.

    PS: back in my day, that meant I was born feet first…

    PPS: if you disagree with point 1, then you obviously don’t listen to commentators, you obviously don’t follow football properly, you’re obviously a woman and you obviously don’t attend enough of our study circles especially being a local Cheadle girl.

    Is that PC enough for you sister? :-)

  2. That was one heck of a match. Towards the end I just couldn’t watch (which would have been difficult anyway seeing as I was listening to it on the radio.)

    For the first time in my life, I wanted England to lose a match. I wanted Lara to win and go out on a high. Lara was a legend.

    P.S. This lady is obviously no Donna Simmons of the footballing world then?

  3. I would come back with something but alas all of the above was true :-(

    By the way, please remind me to note that you were born feet first for your wikipedia article (non-existent at present, but I’m sure someone, somewhere, with ample leisure time, is compiling one!) lol

  4. oh and umm red…

    where’s the solidarity sister!!?!!!

    don’t you know women died for the vote! (actually, just the one, Emily Davison – she stepped out in front of the King’s horse at Epsom.)

  5. Yo Abu Esa, why do you love dissing us women for? I would beat you up if I knew where to find you!

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