If you want to do Hijrah and die Shaheed…

…then maybe all the Brit-Paks who’ve gone to the Emirates might know something that we don’t.


Anyone who has driven in the Middle East in general (I suppose the “Muslim world” some might even argue) and then the UAE in specific, will know that the Arabs have only one intention once they get on the road: to kill you and to kill themselves. Astaghfirullah, they are the worst and most dangerous drivers possible. Period. Sweeping generalisation intended.

Maybe all those on holiday out there – sorry, Hijrah – will get their dreams of Shahadah. I bet they didn’t expect it in a burning car though…

Horrific accident on Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway near Ghantoot

(go through all 24 pictures and try and understand that something like this happens over there every week)

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14 thoughts on “If you want to do Hijrah and die Shaheed…

  1. I went for Hajj in Dec 2006; and I found myself dodging cars in Makkah to get across from my Hotel to the local Mosque as the Haram was some distance away.

    I’m not joking! it was like playing that old computer game on the Acorn, or Commodore plus4 – leap frog; whereby you were a frog trying to get across the road dodging cars.

    They seriously need to use some of that oil money to build a safer infrastructure all round.

  2. Yeh serious,i know what you mean bro.I was there in dec 2007 and subhaanallah,we used the coaches to get to mina,i was sat on the roof and the guy drove over a kerb and all of us almost fell off the top,thats how much it was swaying.

    Then the guy tries to undertake the other coach n guess wot,we almost rapped up again.

    I saw one car “towing” another.Funny enough the car doing the towing was at the back,pushing the damaged car in front with his own bumper.You had to see it.

    I thought pakistan had rough drivers but these guys are militant man.

  3. Innâ lillâhi wa innâ ilayhi râji’ûn…
    In foggy conditions, on a stretch of road with four lanes, in the Middle-East… that was an accident almost waiting to happen.

  4. That’s a bit unfair on the Arab drivers AE. It’s true that their driving leaves a lot to be desired in the Emirates, but pretty much everyone’s driving is bad here — Arabs, Indians, Europeans and even expat muslim brothers from the UK. People’s driving just gets bad here.

    Oh, and the trouble with the Arab drivers is not that they want to kill you, but that they have no consideration for other road users. Killing people is just a consequence.

    They’re not the worse drivers here either, that’s the Indians. They have no driving skills, no road sense, no common sense and too scared and hessitant.

  5. Yes, that was a particularly bad accident. The weather didn’t help.

    But I have to say people do not drive safely here in general, not just Arabs.

    The Abu Dhabi-Dubai road is awful.

  6. That’s a bit unfair on the Arab drivers AE

    But am I bovvered tho’? :-)

    But I have to say people do not drive safely here in general, not just Arabs.

    Maybe, but the Arabs are just on another planet.

    Bring back the camels . . .

    You’ve got to be kidding right? They cause half the accidents in the first place!

    Can I also make a few quick requests:

    1. Hhugs need a driver to take a sister and child to Long Lartin Prison this Friday, with all costs paid of course. Can anyone help out? If so, please your details below.

    2. Is there anyone who can give a child a lift to Longsight from Chorlton (just for the next week or two) from 4pm to 6.30pm to attend a Qur’an class, due to an illness in the family (may Allah hasten her recovery, ameen). If there is anyone, please call me or leave your details below.

    3. Finally, will all those who intend to be present at the Maqra’ah this weekend contact me before tonight. After then, we’ll not be arranging accomodation for anyone else.

    Jazakumullahu khayran.

  7. seriously bro Eesa, this post has completely put me off from going to dubai, the UAE, and arabia in general. I thought that pic was somewhere in Iraq or in some other war zone. Looks like the hijrah (aka hol) is off for me, i rather say my shahada under cold and rainy conditions in the UK.

  8. as-salamu’alaykum

    I think we should like becareful of backbiting muslims here, especially when “arabs” etc. are described wholesale as above. There are many incidents like this that happen in the world and it is not restricted to the arab states.

    Example, just today, in civilised europe:

    Frankly, I think the drivers in UK are so used to driving within “rules and regulations” the reality is that they are not better/skilled drivers and when the rules get bent just a little accidents happen, insurance brokers are contacted and well its a booming business here in UK.

    In the middle east, there is the annoying maalesh, sorry and they seek forgiveness, begging you not to hold it against them yaumul-qiyamah and they leave. But on the other hand most accidents which would be right-offs in the UK are very cheap to repair, sometimes and often less than a tenner! So there are pros and cons, and reality is arab drivers are damnnnned skilled drivers – I have seen it personally – yes they can be dangerous but for the stunts they pull off on a regular basis they are much more skilled than the average.

    I did hear though that drivers in PAK aren’t too dissimilar. I think everyone has their fortes, the UK drivers sorry – they are rubbish in general and the rules and regs are even more draconian and rubbish! And there are more recorded accidents and injuries in the UK than in some or most of the middle east countries. Check the facts :D

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