Lynda La Plante and the Little Muslim Boy

Prime Suspect writer Lynda La Plante told the Telegraph today:

“If you were to go to the BBC and say to them, ‘Listen, Lynda La Plante’s written a new drama, or I have this little Muslim boy who’s just written one’, they’d say: ‘Oh, we’d like to see his script.'”

Actually it’s not that at all Lynda honey.

It’s probably because you speak gandh-balaa like the above…

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10 thoughts on “Lynda La Plante and the Little Muslim Boy

  1. Did you know that La Plante is actually a pseudonym, Her real name is actually Marilyn Menopause. The irony is the woman who wrote “Prime Suspect” now speaks of “Young Muslim Boys” the new prime suspects!

  2. Lol @ all you comedians above!

    I’ve just been reliably informed that truk might be misunderstood for a rather risque word, so my Urdu teachers have found something closer to what I meant.

  3. Tee hee hee! Do thank your urdu teachers, the above is absolutely more appropiate and less obscure than the former ;-)

  4. “Saying “I don’t know” is half of Imaan”

    And saying “Flippin Mozzies” is half of becoming a Daily Mail superstar.
    The second half is slagging of asylum seekers….

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